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Are you with a national brand real estate company?

Did they convince you that your clients are with you because of their brand? Do you really think your clients are going to stop doing business with you if you moved to another brokerage?

The answer is, absolutely not. Your clients will continue to work with you because they know, like and trust YOU and NOT some faceless brand.

Sure.. brands are important. They stand for something. They represent something. But, that’s secondary to the individual. YOU are what your clients really want to know about. How do YOU treat them? Are YOU going to be the one calling them back when they have a problem? Are YOU going to negotiate a good deal for them? People like to work with people. It’s fundamental.

So, why join The Professionals Grp? Here are a couple of reasons:

We operate on a flat fee per transaction basis, the rest is yours. This allows our agents to increase their income dramatically when compared to the big takes from the national brands.

We’ve created a strong brand for you called “The Residential Professionals” along with all the collateral design items:

a website, business cards, signs, folders – you can be up & running in a few days!

Give us a call and let’s discuss your options.

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